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Natural & organic looks , never heavy handed.  Specializing in the "Balayage" technique including signature Asian Balayage.


Quotes Nikki worked wonder's on my hair, I had dry lifeless hair that was cut horribly. It's so much easier to style and looks so much more chic than before! Nikki will definitely be my go to stylist!! I will never let anyone else ruin my hair again! She's so sweet and really cares about your hair and making sure it suits you and it's what you want at the same time! First, my hair color was so uneven that I knew I would have to go darker to correct it. The color she applied came out exactly how I have been wanting it to come out all these years! I have already gotten so many compliments on the color! Next is the haircut. Last year, my hairstylist cut too much length off my hair and cut my layers way too short! I looked like I had a Bob in the front but I actually had long hair! It was a disaster! After growing it out for the past year, I was in need if a cut. Nikki told me she would have to cut a little to even it out and add shape back. Now I have full hair with tons of shape and life! :) Quotes
Juveria M.
Never trust anyone...except Nikki

Quotes Ciao Nikki! Saluti dal'Italia! Just wanted to take a moment to Thank You so much for the BadAss hair you enriched me with! It never ceases to amaze me how a haircut & color can literally boost your ego! (Photos Attached in the SUN, since it was dark when we finished). Also, I purchased the Aveda Clove Conditioner, as prescribed, and haven't found the need to use it yet. When I am ready to remove the color, are there any tips I can give my Aveda colorist? Alla prossima volta! Ci vediamo presto!! Valerie Quotes
From Milano with Love

Quotes I'm so happy I found Nikki when I moved to LA; she is an amazing stylist! After she highlighted my hair two different tones using a balayage technique we decided to put extensions in to add length and body to my hair fine hair. I could not be happier with the results! Nikki matched the extensions perfectly to my color and blended them in so naturally no one could tell it wasn't my real hair. I have never been so happy with my hair and I have Nikki to thank! Quotes
Mandy E.
Fine hair-Balayage lover

Quotes Nikki is amazing! The end... But honestly, just like all of the other reviews- I have ONLY great things to say about Nikki! She worked MAGIC on my hair. The cut, the color, I love it! My hair was in horrible condition when I met with Nikki- dry, dead ends- bad haircut from last stylist - and I had done the ultimate no-no and box dyed my hair DARK recently. Never again! She gave me very natural, beautiful carmel highlights. The cut is perfect and she kept the length like I had asked but still took enough off to make my hair look much healthier. Like I said, some type of magic she's working over there! Plus- Nikki is beyond sweet and easy to talk to, it only made my appointment that much more enjoyable! She listens to what YOU want but also helps guide you to what will be best for your hair! I already booked my next appointment with her! Quotes
Rae V.
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Nikki is truly an artist and worked a miracle on my hair! Up until about a year ago I had long, virgin hair until I decided to box dye it on my own...three times!! When I dyed my hair, it left me with uneven hair color, and a "band" of color around the top of my head and worst of blasted my ends so the last few inches of my once long virgin hair were totally damaged. I went in for a color correction and balayage. I knew it was going to be a project, but she was enthusiastic to get me back to my natural color for my wedding!! And what I love about her is that she's not like other stylists who want to chop long hair off--she preserved my length but still trimmed enough of the damaged hair that it feels alive and healthy again!! My hair is happy again!! The "band" from my experimentation with color is gone, the uneven color job I did is gone, my fried ends are gone, and what is in its place is hair color that looks just like my natural color! A stylist may even second guess it!! Quotes
Marlyssa C.
"Getting Married"

Quotes Hi Nikki, I would like to cancel the appoint I have with you in August and wait a little longer. I've been enjoying my hair a lot. You are the only colorist who made sure to get those minor gray areas in the front. The color was exactly what I wanted. Thank you. Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes NIkki asked me to trust her for my long mens haircut...I was very apprehensive at first , since I only had my hair done in Milano and never tried the states. I was pleasantly surprised that she gave my hair the edgy, straight hair with so much feel of body and silky shine that I actually booked a commercial! Thanks Nikki for following through with your technique. Quotes
Stefano P

Quotes Nikki is amazing, and far too wonderful to sum up in one little paragraph, but I'll do my best. She has a superior knowledge of her craft which always made me feel safe in her hands. She could marry an understanding of the latest trends/classic styles with what would look best with my hair type and face shape in order to maximize my results, and was generous with tips and tricks on styling and general hair maintenance and care to keep me looking my best in between visits. Her knowledge and ability to weigh in with her own opinion allowed me to feel comfortable experimenting a little bit, or throwing out an idea, knowing that she knew what was best and would kindly let me know the pros and cons of any new idea before we went ahead with it so I could make a decision with all the information. I always felt like she just 'knew' what I needed, and even though I was always terrible (and a little too indecisive) to be explicitly clear, the results were always extraordinary. Quotes
Kaitlyn B
Its worth the drive

Quotes Nikki has been doing my hair for about three years now and it's been a huge improvement. I have very curly, thick, long hair that is difficult to work with. Hair cuts for me are usually followed by at least two weeks of ponytails, but no more since I met Nikki! She is the first stylist I've ever completely trusted. My hair cut lays perfect and I'm able to keep it long past my shoulders. My color is classy instead of blown out from the beach. I have plenty of moisture in my usually dry locks. And Nikki is the first stylist to successfully blow out my hair straight so it doesn't start curling at the roots again in a few hours. I carry her cards on me because people constantly stop me to compliment my hair. I've referred her to several satisfied friends as well. I started hiring her for hair and make up on the photo shoots I produce and she always does a tremendous job. Quotes
Abby Hirschberg
fashion designer